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First edition of 18th-century violin music

Barnabas Gunn's Six Solos for the Violin and Violoncello with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsichord, has been published by Edition HH. Edited by Martin Perkins and Chloe Werner, this edition is the first time these pieces have been published since the 18th century.

Active in Gloucester and Birmingham during the mid-18th century, Barnabas Gunn was a composer and performer of sacred and secular music. His violin sonatas of 1745, here published for the first time in modern edition, reveal him to have been more than just a competent provincial musician, however. Their style varies from Corellian brilliance to English Galant sophistication, the instrumental writing for each players is as challenging as it is stimulating, and the music will surprise and delight performers and listeners alike.

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